41 – Please Lead Us!


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Voter: “Senator, can you please lead us? You know, tell us the truth! Don’t hold back! Inspire us to a better future!” 

Senator: “What? Tell you the truth? Are you kidding? If I do that, you won’t reelect me.” 

Voter: “Why not? Everybody loves an inspirational leader.” 

Senator: “Yes, but you also mentioned something about telling the truth. Things are a bit more complicated than that. Inspiration is an art. Truth is ugly. I can’t paint a beautiful picture full of ugly truths. The key to inspiration is to stick with platitudes and empty expressions devoid of any real meaning. Vagueness is the key: family, honor, sacrifice, love. That sort of thing.” 

Voter: “Sounds pretty cynical to me.” 

Senator: “Well, you asked. The reality’s that people don’t like to hear the truth if it involves uncomfortable facts.”

Voter: “Then where do we find our leaders? Those who will guide us. Tell us the truth, even if it’s difficult to hear? Inspire us to greater glory?” 

Senator: “Beats the heck out of me. Certainly not in any elected position.” 

Voter: “So we should have dictators?” 

Senator: “They’re even worse. Hey, here’s an idea: How about if people lead themselves? Face up to the truth on their own terms. Then, maybe they would elect true leaders.”

Voter: “That sounds like a great idea! Then, people will gratefully accept leadership, knowing it’s to their mutual benefit.” 

Senator: “I’m so glad we agree. Always happy to please my voters!” 

Voter: “Great! So, ah, how do we go about leading ourselves?” 

Senator: “The same way you do now. You know, just go about doing what you’re doing.”

Voter: “But what if we’re on a bad path? What if we’re heading for trouble? Who will tell us?”

Senator: “Not anyone who wants to get reelected. Besides, as any first-rate politician can tell you, if you go around spouting ugly truths, no one would listen to you anyway.”

Voter: “Well, I’m not voting for you again, that’s for sure! I want honesty!” 

Senator: “Haha. Good luck. For me, I’ll forgo your vote and speak to the vast majority of voters. You know, the ones who run and hide whenever Truth rears its ugly head. Have a good day!”

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