17 – M.A.D. Hammer Chess


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Darkness: “You are a clever player indeed. An interesting chess opponent.” 

Light: “Why, thank you for the compliment. And you as well.”

Darkness: “Me, not so much. But I have other tools. Like my nuclear hammer!” 

Light: “I too have a nuclear hammer.” 

Darkness: “Yes, but of what use is yours?” 

Light: “Of no more use than yours. Thanks to the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction, we’re at a stalemate. As rational actors, we would never use our Nuclear Hammers, because we know our opponent would use it in return.” 

Darkness: “Rational actors, eh? Is that what we are? Look at you. Your country is so rich and beautiful. So full of life. Boundless resources. Well-educated citizens. Advanced technology. You have it all, don’t you? And me? My country is old and poor. Our lives are dull and dreary. So, for me? I have little to look forward to. Except for my chess. My conquests. My power! Haha! And, one thing you must not forget. I am mad. Mad! Hahaha!.” 

Light: “You aren’t so crazy to lose all that you have, including your own life and the lives of millions of others.” 

Darkness: “Ah, but I have so little to lose. And you, so much. I am Hitler with a nuclear hammer. And while I have really enjoyed playing this little game of Global Chess with you, our contest is nearing the end. Because now, I am going to take your rook with my Queen.” 

Light: “But, but that’s a foolish move! I’ll then be able to take your queen with my brave knight!” 

Darkness: “Brave? Haha! Your brave knight wouldn’t dare. If he makes such a reckless move, I will take my nuclear hammer and smash all of your pieces to little itty bits! Hahahahaha!”

Light: “You’ll do nothing of the sort. Why, I will retaliate in kind. I’ll smash all of your pieces to bits.” 

Darkness: “I don’t care. I’m much older and poorer than you. You have so much more to lose. And remember, I am crazy and reckless. My life is worthless to me. So, I will take your rook, and there is nothing, nothing, that you will do.”

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