37 – Let’s Change History Together!


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Future: “Ah, Mr. Past History! How are things going?

Past: “Just doing fine, Ms. Future History. How about with you?”

Future: “Okay, I guess. I was just marveling at how people have such short memories. Good thing, huh? There are so many important things to do. We need to focus on what lies ahead! Why crowd our minds with the past?”

Past: “Hmm… Not sure about that. The past can teach us a lot if you study its lessons carefully.”

Future: “But why burden the future with bad memories of things gone wrong? Too much negativity! We need to focus on the bright future ahead of us! Why be burdened with the sins of the past? Besides, history is so foggy. Memories fade quickly. Past events are subject to interpretation depending on who you ask, right? So, that provides us with a wonderful opportunity! If history is a bit foggy, then why not simply change it? Why be burdened with the sins of the past? Let’s just pretend they never happened!

Past: “But history can provide some valuable lessons. You of all people should know that. Sometimes painful events from the past can serve as a warning to be more humble and cautious in the future.” 

Future: “What? No, no, no. You don’t understand. History should be flexible. Pliable. Subject to interpretation to suit one’s future needs. Besides, you’re ignoring the enormous benefits. Just think! If we can change or even erase our memories about all the dumb things we’ve done in the past, then the future looks even brighter!”

Past: “Uh huh. Maybe I should put my sunglasses on?” 

Future: “Don’t be so negative. Let’s be realistic. Argue on your own terms. The past is not our future destiny, right? People can change. Become better humans. Look to the future with the confidence to know that we are capable of great things! Amazing accomplishments! The possibilities are endless! World peace. Eradication of disease. Respect for ourselves and others. Ever increasing life spans. Gosh, I can’t wait to get started! 

Past: “Something doesn’t smell right here…”

Future: “Don’t be a killjoy! Why ruin things by bringing up the past? It serves no purpose. Just because last time things didn’t work out, doesn’t mean they’ll fail again. Things are different now!” 

Past: “This sounds awfully familiar. Isn’t this how humans end up repeating the same stupid mistakes over and over again? Using overly optimistic assumptions that result in unrealistic strategies which are doomed to fail?”

Future: “Okay, maybe we said that last time. And the time before that. But this time things really are different! We live in a more enlightened age now. With our amazing progress in science and technology, we’re capable of anything! The world is our oyster!”

Past: “Ah. I see. Just like you said the last time. Got it.”

Future: “We can write our own future, so why not write our own past too? Besides, there are so many different ways to interpret things. When Grandma burned that roast at the holiday dinner, it really wasn’t that bad. It was just a bit crispy. Actually tasted pretty good, come to think of it. And little Jimmy’s tooth was probably already cracked from his wrestling match at the gym. He didn’t really chip it on the roast.”

Past: “Uh huh. Sure.”

Future: “Look, let’s not be narrow-minded, okay? The future is wide open! So, why not the past? Let’s remember the good stuff and reinterpret the bad! Make us all feel better! After all, we are humans. This is our planet. We have the power to do whatever we want!”

Past: “Uh, oh. Here we go again.”

Future: “Full speed ahead!” 

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