15 – A Trip in LaLaLand


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Guide: “Hi there, Mr. Trip! I’ll be your travel guide on our journey today. Welcome to LaLaLand!” 

Traveler: “LaLaLand? What the heck is that?” 

Guide: “It’s a place where there are no big worries. Only a few minor concerns. All of the big problems are swept aside, as if they don’t exist.”

Traveler: “Wow. Sounds nice! Let’s get going!”

G: “Uh, what do you mean?” 

T: “Simple. I want you to take me there. To LaLaLand. I’m sick and tired of dealing with so many problems. I have a teething toddler at home, a jerk for a boss, a dog with diarrhea, and a very nasty cat who my wife adores. I need a break! Let’s get moving!” 

G: “Well, ah, I’m sorry, but I’m not sure you understand.” 

T: “Understand what?” 

G: “Well, in LaLaLand, there are no big worries. You know, things like runaway technology, nuclear weapons proliferation, global warming, bioweapons research. You know. Big stuff. The things you are describing are trivial problems.”

T: “Trivial? Are you kidding? Your so-called ‘big stuff’ isn’t my problem! I have no control over that crap! I have my own problems!”

G: “I see. Well, in LaLaLand, people don’t worry about what you are calling ‘crap’. They simply ignore the big issues and focus on their own petty problems. At least, until one of those big issues bites them in the butt.” 

T: “Wait a minute. So, if I understand you correctly, we’re already in LaLaLand? And the land you want to take me to is completely upside down, where people worry about stupid stuff they have no control over, and brush off what you supposedly call trivial stuff?

G: “Yes. Exactly. You’re already in LaLaLand. I thought you hired me to take you somewhere else, where you could put aside your petty concerns, and focus on the big stuff for a change.” 

T: “What? Are you serious? You mean you’re taking me to a crazy world where people worry about global crap they have no control over? Who the heck would want to go there?” 

G: “Well, the hope is that by worrying about the big stuff, the smaller things will be kept in better perspective. Also, worrying about the bigger stuff is the first step to solving it. Denying that these serious global problems exist, and making believe that everything is fine when it isn’t; (slight pause) well, that’s LaLaLand.” 

T: “Well, count me out! I’ll stick with my own concerns, thank you. And what exactly do you call this crazy upside down place that you want to take me?” 

G: “It’s called the Real Reality.”

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